Do you plan to study at an English-speaking university; conduct business in English or practise Medicine in an English-speaking country?

Whether you come from India, China, Russia, the Middle East or another European country, we can help.

Students of the English language spend many hours studying grammar and reading and writing in the language. They can learn this via the internet, language schools or from teachers of English in their own country. However when it comes to their ability to Practise Speaking English, they face many unfair challenges.

Internet schools typically only provide recorded messages to recite and repeat and they often rely on untrained, non-native volunteers to correct students’ mistakes.

Language schools can provide excellent training but are very expensive when taking into consideration not only the fees, but the accommodation and travel expenses as well.

Online English language spoken English coursesAll too often, local teachers whilst excellent in the skills of writing and grammar, are inadequate at speaking English properly themselves and so are unable to give their students the experience they need to speak like a native.

At Practise Speaking English, we help you practise speaking the language you have struggled for so long to perfect.


We use sophisticated Citrix technology that enables our tutors and students from around the world, to talk together via high quality conference calls whilst also viewing online presentations.

All our sessions are LIVE.

All our sessions are held by tutors who are DELTA, CELTA or NCFE accredited.

Each session lasts a full one hour; is held in audio only saving any embarrassment over video and is recorded for your future reference and practise.

Since there are no more than 6 students on each session, everyone can “join in” and benefit from hearing different accents from around the world.

English language students give a thumbs upOur sessions are timed to fit in with all time zones and are so well priced, that anyone serious about learning the language can afford them.

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