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Difficult English Words

27 April

Whoever said that English is an easy language to learn has obviously never tried!  It IS difficult! English does not help itself when there are a large number of words all spelt the same but do not have the same meaning and often, are not even pronounced the same.  Let me give you an example: […]

They’re, There and Their

09 March

One of the biggest mistakes when writing English is the difference between the words, They’re, There and Their. Now to most people, they sound the same when they are being spoken but there are very slight differences in the pronunciation and of course, each word has a completely different meaning to both the others.  Listen […]

How Now Brown – Pronunciation

07 February

I would like you to listen closely to the following audio clip. Pronunciation is one of the biggest challenges that speakers of the English language have to face.  Yet it is not only those who are learning to speak English as a foreign language who have to face this language.  Indigenous speakers also have similar […]

A Continent – what does it mean?

03 December

That was the first of some new words you are going to learn this week about travel and geography and the first new word is a continent! Some your answers were very close to the real meaning (Gemma, Confident) but watch this video and find out more about the word. Look out tomorrow on the […]

New Words – A Riddle

30 November

Here is another new word – RIDDLE.  But what does it mean? A Riddle is a question or statement that is phrased in such a trick way so as to make you think about the answer! So here is the riddle I gave you yesterday! How many feet have forty (40) sheep, a shepherd and […]

First New English Word

25 November

So let’s get started on some new words! This week they are going to be what I think are easy words but they will all relate to each other. Now I don’t want you to cheat by looking the answer up in the dictionary! Give it a try and write your answer below this message. […]

Claudia Passes her TOEFL Exam

30 May

Claudia from Bolivia in South America, came to us a few weeks ago to see if we could help improve her spoken English before sitting her TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam. She required a good mark to help her gain admission to an elite University in Germany.  Claudia seemed to speak […]