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Claudia Passes her TOEFL Exam

30 May
Pass TOEFL first time

Claudia needed a good mark in her TOEFL exam to gain admission to an elite University in Germany

Claudia from Bolivia in South America, came to us a few weeks ago to see if we could help improve her spoken English before sitting her TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam.

She required a good mark to help her gain admission to an elite University in Germany.  Claudia seemed to speak rather good English at our first session and so we helped her with the pronunciation of various words and a more precise phrasing of sentences.

Although Claudia had an excellent vocabulary, it never does any harm to increase the range and scope, thus assisting the student in understanding more subjects and so enabling them to take part in discussions around those subjects.

I spoke with Claudia on the morning of her exams to wish her “Good Luck”, not that she would need it.  She was naturally nervous but once re-assured she went to the examination, full of vigour, excitement and,more importantly, the confidence she needed to pass!

Yesterday Claudia emailed us to say that she had gained 88/120 in her TOEFL exam which should enable her to gain entrance to the University in which she had longed to complete her Masters Degree.

CONGRATULATIONS CLAUDIA!  We all knew you would do it!

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