Academic Course – University & Visa English Test

If you want to enter a university in an English speaking country, you MUST pass the Speaking English IELTS  exam!  The better the University, the higher the Band you are expected to achieve.

The exam consists of four sections, each carrying 25% of the marks and each taking up to an hour to complete, apart from the Speaking Test!

You are permitted a maximum of only 14 minutes to demonstrate your Speaking English skills and your score in this section can make all the difference to your final Band grades.

Passing the IELTS exam is vital for you to secure your visa and achieve acceptance to the University of your choice.

The Practise Speaking English Academic & Visa course will help prepare you to aspire to the higher level bands in this crucial exam.

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The Course will also encourage you to integrate into the local community and interconnect with fellow students, so making life easier  and far less challenging for you in your early days.

All your University lectures will be in the English language.


Since the aim of this course is to give you a greater understanding and practise of Spoken English, it will become far easier for you to understand what your lecturer is actually saying, right from the first lecture in the first semester!

About the course

University graduatesThe course consists of two 1-hour lessons each week for 6 weeks, making a total of 12 hours coaching throughout the period.

A single, permanent coach will be allocated to each course to closely monitor the progress of each student and provide whatever assistance is necessary.

Where possible, students from different countries are included in each course so that all students can become more aware of different international accents and culture.

Places are limited: there will be no more than six students on each course so as to ensure that every student receives the opportunity of speaking English throughout each session.



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