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John Sykes, founder of Practise Speaking English

The Founder of Practise Speaking English, John Sykes, has worked with many students from around the world who want to learn to speak better English.

The Practise Speaking English online courses are designed to help you succeed in English speaking countries in whatever area you decide.

The Founder of Practise Speaking English, John Sykes, has worked with many students from around the world who want to learn to speak better English.

He discovered that the vast majority of students had been taught to speak English in the following order: first to read, then to write, then to listen, then finally, and almost as an afterthought, taught how to speak English. The final speaking English part was often done badly. This order of learning a language goes against the natural flow of learning which is to Listen, to Speak, to Read and then finally to Write.

John also became aware of the increasing number of indigenous English teachers whose own spoken English was so bad, that it hindered and often misled those students who so desperately needed to learn spoken English as it would be heard in an English speaking country.

Practise Speaking English was formed to help all people, whether they are business men or women, academic students or general travellers to learn and practise how to speak good English fluently.

In fact, the primary aim of PSE, is to raise your English speaking skills to such a level that you naturally think in English.

Asian man with laptopNo longer will you create a sentence in your native language, then think of the appropriate grammar and finally translate it into spoken English. The aim of PSE is to give you the conversational experience such that it naturally flows for you. When that happens, thinking in English will start to develop naturally for you.

To become fluent, it is essential that you Practise Speaking English and only correct, properly formed English.

Consider when you were a small child. Did you read, write, listen and then speak your own native language?  Of course not! You listened, spoke and then learned to read and write.

It is often said that “practise makes perfect”, however if what you are practising is incorrect, then when you use it, your spoken English will also be incorrect.

If you continually practise speaking correct English, then that is what your memory will retain and that is what you will naturally speak.

At Practise Speaking English, each on-line session has no more than 6 participants so everyone has plenty of time to practise. Sessions are expertly guided by a native English speaker to ensure that correct English is being used.

Asian business womenOn a Practise Speaking English online course you will use the latest, state-of-the-art technology that enables live, clear, two-way oral communication as well as screen presentations similar to a whiteboard or printed sheet.

PSE does not use webcams as they can cause embarrassment and distract from focused practise.

All sessions are recorded, including screen presentations, which allow you to listen, watch and practise the session as often as you like, in your own time.

Our facilitators are native UK and US citizens, both male and female.

If you want to speak English like a native
Practise Speaking English with PSE