Recommendations for Practise Speaking English from professionals and students around the world

Claudia, Bolivia
Julia, Russia
Raha, Iran
Teodora, Mathematician, Librarian, Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria

I have had lots of English teachers from when I started to learn the English language but in my opinion, the only person who taught me and helped me how to speak, and more than that, how to use English correctly was John. I think he is a really professional English teacher and no one can teach this language better than him. I will never forget his help.

PSE gives a good chance to those who are learning English and have problems with speaking as with PSE you have different topics to discuss with others while there is a native speaker to help you speak English well. By the way, the organiser asks everyone to speak so everyone gets a chance to speak.

John is a wonderful organiser of services, knowing the needs of his clients very well. He is a really client-oriented person and has excellent knowledge of who needs what. I strongly recommend John’s company [Practice Speaking English] as the one that will raise your skills of mastering English in all aspects, be it speech, reading or writing to the highest possible level.

John assisted me with my preparation for the TOEFL exam, he always did an excellent job. The hours I spent with him learning were interesting, effective and very useful. He provided very good examples and gave me great advice. John is also a pleasant, respectful, modest, calm person and he cares about the knowledge he gives to his students. These are just a few reasons why I would highly recommend John. Thank you for all your patience and the great help you provided me, John!
Claudia, Bolivia

I participated in some sessions from this website, and I could learn many things, my English speaking skill improved a lot. Before those sessions I was unable to speak in English, but after them I could get a score of 6.5 in the IELTS exam. Also I believe that these types of session give you the chance to think and speak in English at the same time. The organiser gives you your faults, etc. The organisers are professional in teaching English, there are other people like you in the sessions with different accents and also the best technology is used to organise it all so I highly recommend all the people who are learning English to try this web site and improve their speaking skill by participating in Practise Speaking English sessions and enjoy learning English.
Hamed, Student, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran

John Sykes is an extremely intelligent person, well informed in numerous subjects. He makes good suggestions and has perfect language skills.

I have taken part in English speaking sessions with John Sykes, the Founder of This is a great web site where you can learn to speak English quickly and easily. He is a native English speaker, who has built up a structured English speaking system that allows you to progress very efficiently. I am very grateful for his help. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to speak proper English.
Teodora, Mathematician, Librarian, Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria

John is the best English teacher I know. I am sure that you won’t be bored studying with his help. His English lessons are really useful and easy.
Julia, Doctor, Russia

I have tried so many websites to improve my speaking in English but they were not helpful until I met John and he introduced PSE. It was something different, I highly recommend you to try it.
Raha, Iran.

John is easy going, very customer orientated and brings value to any conversation . I would highly recommend John as a teacher of the English Language. John makes learning better English fun and all at a reasonable cost.
Martin, Director, Customer Care and Service Performance, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

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