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They’re, There and Their

09 March

One of the biggest mistakes when writing English is the difference between the words, They’re, There and Their.

Now to most people, they sound the same when they are being spoken but there are very slight differences in the pronunciation and of course, each word has a completely different meaning to both the others.  Listen to the VERY slight differences, read carefully and understand the meaning of each word.


This is the abbreviated (shortened) version of two words – THEY & ARE.


This word may be used in a variety of ways:

  1. Adverb – e.g. There they go
  2. Pronoun – e.g. There is no hope
  3. Adjective – e.g. Ask that lady there
  4. Idioms – e.g. Been there, done that!


Used as a possessive pronoun such as their car, their Human Rights.

I hope this clears up the correct use of the words and makes it easier for you to understand.

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