Once you have booked your package, you will be sent a link to complete a comprehensive Placement Test.

This will consist of 100 Multi-choice Grammar questions with 20 for each level of A1 through C1.  You will be assessed a Grammar Efficiency level and based on that level, you will then be tested on each of the Listening, Reading and Writing elements.  

The results will enable you, in association with our tutor, to see where you face challenges and so prepare a Workplan to help you achieve your goal.


You will receive homework at the end of each class which you will be expected to complete prior to the next class.  We utilise Google Classroom, and all homework will be tracked through that program.

Class Information

All classes will be conducted via Zoom.  For security reasons, you will receive a separate link each time you book a new class.  Each class can be recorded, but you must request this at the beginning.  We can also provide a Transcript of each class, but please discuss this with your tutor during your first session as this is an additional facility.

Classes may consist of audio, video and interactive material and we would therefore request that you have a stable internet connection throughout each class.  You may take classes on a mobile or tablet but facilities may be restricted.  Therefore, where possible, please attend each class either on a laptop or PC and restrict interruptions and excess noise to a minimum.  Your concentration is essential for you to achieve your goal.

A TRANSCRIPT will be available after each class.  Just let your tutor know and they will arrange to have it sent to you.

One-to-One Test Preparation Programs - we do not presently offer Group classes